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Publié par Jon 25 mars 2010

Deux albums: A.C.T et The Pirate Ship Quintet

Last Epic
2003 | 55:34
Eclectic Prog (avec une touche métallisée)

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Oui, je le veux

Entendu quelque part: Listening to this album for the first time created a feeling I've experienced only on a few previous occasions. I'm talking about the feeling of realizing that I am listening to a masterpiece. Those type of moments are rare and far between so it's a real treat when it actually occurs. With Last Epic A.C.T decided to higher the stakes, skip the short tracks and create one long concept composition. The result is an excellent trip that doesn't let go of the listener until the last note of the Outro is played.

The Pirate Ship Quintet
The Pirate Ship Quintet
2007 | 30:46

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Oui, je le veux

This EP was a nice little surprise in 2007. The Pirate Ship Quintet is a band from the UK and is actually made by seven members instead of five (like the name implies). Being from the UK and playing epic-sounding Post-Rock made many people draw comparison with another UK-based band, Yndi Halda. In reality both bands take different approaches in making Post-Rock. The most notable difference is in the line-up and the second one is in their sound. TPSQ has a more orchestral feel to their music while still having punchy crescendos and memorable guitar melodies, not to mention the lovely trumpet which is always a nice surprise in Post-Rock bands (bands should use it more often).

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