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Publié par Jon 29 août 2010

Assis dans ma chaise en bambou, je mets l'album live de Mono: Holy Ground, et je mets le volume dans le tapis. Envoûtant et percutant, je me dois de vous transmettre les délices de ce duo de japonais qui excellent dans l'art du Post-Rock.

Holy Ground: NYC Live w/ The Wordless Music Orchestra
2010 | 79:04

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Oui, je le veux

Featuring my favourite tracks from Hymn to the Immortal Wind as well as their 2003- 2006 releases this is Mono's first live release and a must have for fans. The addition of an orchestra brings a fuller sound to the performance and make the tracks even more epic than usual! I find that Post Rock as a genre usually treads a very thin line between bland and brilliant. Thankfully the this release falls into the latter category and whilst the majority of it is truly captivating, the weaker sections still manage to hold my interest. This is an excellent addition to any prog rock collection although I don't think it is essential.

You Are There
2006 | 60:00

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Oui, je le veux

Hymn To The Immortal Wind
2009 | 60:06

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Oui, je le veux

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