Découvertes de l'année - Part I

Publié par Jon 17 juillet 2012

Après un hiatus de presqu'un an jour pour jour, je vous reviens, fidèles lecteurs, ponctuer ce cyber-espace des découvertes musicales que j'ai effectué lors de mon voyage céleste hors de la blogosphère. Sans plus tarder, voici ma proposition pour aujourd'hui. 

Roger Waters
The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking
1984 | UK
Pink Floyd Rock

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Oui, je le veux

In July 1977, Waters played some of the music demos of what he had pieced together, but he also played parts of another album he was preparing titled Bricks in the Wall to the rest of his bandmates in the group Pink Floyd. After a long debate, they decided that they preferred the concept of Bricks In The Wall instead, even though their manager at the time, Steve O'Rourke, thought that The Pros and Cons... was a better-sounding concept.

"Well, the idea for the album came concurrently with the idea for The Wall – the basis of the idea. I wrote both pieces at roughly the same time. And in fact, I made demo tapes of them both, and in fact presented both demo tapes to the rest of the Floyd, and said "Look, I'm going to do one of these as a solo project and we'll do one as a band album, and you can choose." So, this was the one that was left over. Um...I mean, it's developed an awful lot since then, I think."

— Roger Waters

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