Sortie Majeure :: Seventh Wonder

Publié par Jon 12 novembre 2010

«There's something about Progressive Metal that just seems pale nowadays and it's incredibly hard for newer bands not to get lumped into a dusty box without ever getting to see the light of day again.» Une exception à cette citation: Seventh Wonder.

Cet album sort le 3 décembre! Régalez-vous de leur talent et de leur originalité.

Seventh Wonder
The Great Escape
2010 | 67:21
Prog Metal

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Oui, je le veux

The Great Escape sounds like mature mix of Pain of Salvation and A.C.T, which leaves you in a place where you really can't ask for more. Except the weak lead guitar sound there is really nothing to point a finger at. This is the Seventh Wonder we all know and love. The insane sense of melody, huge compositions, incredible vocal work, song-writing and musical perfection is all there, and there's no way you'd hate this if you loved Mercy Falls. Even if this isn't quite as good or complex in terms of song-writing, it still kicks a lot of ass, and is clearly one of the best releases of 2010, and one of the most worthwhile progressive metal releases that has come out in ages. If you like the aforementioned bands as well as Symhpony X, The Flower Kings hell, even early Allen/Lande, this should be right up your alley. Great stuff!

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